Thursday, March 4, 2010


i am feeling DAMN fan edi!....i try to make my blog look like this blog but always fail..and the stupid html why so complicated one!...T----T...
even add picture also so susah!..


Sunday, September 27, 2009

dead...super dead

Let's see...i have no idea when was the last time i typed a blog over here..mine is slowly growing..and here its slowly dying..never mind la...guess there is still time to post some up over here..

Well..i shall go back to the time 13th September 2009 around 5pm when Phie, Yenti and her mum and Mei Ling and Jo Leen came down to my house to bake cakes..Yes! Her mum joined us..I was kinda surprised at the beginning but was alright in the end..

It was fun. We didn't exactly bake a cake la..But we baked cookies and bread..

Phie, Yen and Yenti's mum came by.
Mei Ling arrived 1st and we all went to the Jusco in Metro Prima to buy ingredients... and then..head back to my home...

1st, we made bread..which was kinda simple...we just dumped everything in after measuring and mix...mix..and mix.....

and ViOLA!..a dough..placed a wet cloth over it and let it rise..

Then we proceed to cookies..chocolate chip was a bit of a flop coz the choco chips were the wrong sized ones...a bit to the bigger-than-usual size..I have got a feeling that type is for cakes..i'll try that mixture someday with bread..

After i am done with raisin bread... =____=

so we did the cookie mixture..kill it my heating it in the oven..oh ya!...i forgot..Jo Leen joined us when we finished making the bread dough..XD

so we made cookies...

Phie and Yenti weigh the ingredients..Mei Ling helped read the recipe..hehe..and Jo Leen helped with the chopping of almonds..

(the last bit of the cookie mixture..)

and made it with some love..and what we got? a love cookie!

(our outcome..cookie shaped with love...^-^)

Yeah, we didn't take any pictures coz we were too busy..XD

After that, i took them all out to makan. We went to KTZ for makan!..since we were all full edi (with bread..we baked the bread and Jo Leen's bread was the best..)

We ate dessert for dinner..Then i took them to the top of Desa ParkCity..the view there is lovely..But sadly, its gonna be privatised soon. Only people with bikes can go up there and sit for long..Anyhow, i can't show you guys the full scale view from up there, but if you ask philia, the view there is awesome..XD

(some pictures of how it is like on top)

(another picture)

(during the night)

OH YA!..and Susu has bought 3 nail polish..From Bloop de was on sale RM 19.80 for 3..couldn't resist it so i bought.. Buy 2 free one..Is it cheaper there in Australia?
if it is, help me buy!..XD

3 colors


Good night people!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

FAT? What is that?

I’m posting up the same post at both blogs again. “Mutuality” principles says that one cannot sue herself for plagiarism.


We’re destined to be fat.

Yeah, the three pigs staying at Christie Walk 9/103 are destined to be fat.

Not one day is without dairy product. Not one day is without adding some extra FAT that is not needed by the body. Yes, not ONE single day.

EVERYDAY, we kickstart our days with MILK. Yes, cereal + milk = healthy rite. We never heard of excessive milk intake did we?

And dinner … well, dinner for us can vary from REALLY REALLY vegetable-ONLY healthy to REALLY REALLY cheese + egg unhealthy.

Today, we chose to be REALLY REALLY cheese + egg unhealthy we’re gonna get heart attack.


#1. This, this innocent looking thing is full of melting cheese inside. I’ve totally forgotten to snap a pic of that overflowing cheese cause I was busy eating. Sorry.


#2. We cooked ourselves some CROCODILE sausage. Yeah, lemme repeat, C-R-O-C-O-D-I-L-E sausage. The above is entirely our own recipe (crocodile + corn + olive oil) cause our fridge has only CORN left. Pathetic.


#3. Now this … this is beef curry. BEEF CURRY. No, we are yet to reach that “cook curry” stage (I imagined cooking curry is a very tedious task, but who knows? I might be wrong *shrugs*) This beef curry is given by our neighbour half an hour before we started cooking our own dinner. Yes, NEIGHBOUR.

Tell me, who has nice neighbours who give them FOOD, no correction, DELICIOUS FOOD every now and then? We do. And we’re really proud of it.


So yeah, thats dinner for today. I don’t know why I’m posting it up. The initial centre of attraction was the CROCODILE SAUSAGE (com’on, hello? who eats crocodile?! ok sorry, jakun here  -__-).

And then we started cooking the Melting Cheese Egg with long beans. It was so sinfully delicious it replaced the crocodile as the centre of attraction.

Then came the beef curry. CURRY = Malaysia = homely. Who doesn’t want the homely feeling when they’re deserted farrrr away from home, farrr away from what people call HOME COOKED FOOD? I bet most do. So yeah, the curry kinda took the centre of attention title.

Alas, I myself is confused on who IS the centre of attention. Crocodile Meat? Melting cheese egg? Homely beef curry? Crocodile? Cheese Egg? Beef curry?

I don’t know. I am indecisive. Maybe each of them deserves their own credit. Each are distinctly unique. But then again, if every one of them is different from other, that doesn’t make any of them anyhow special right?

I’m confused. Good night.

Oh sorry sorry, not yet.

That’s another SPECIAL ONE.


Yes, HOMEMADE cookies. Seriously, homemade. Don’t believe me? I show you.


Yeah wtf rite? My housemate came out with the idea of squeezing the erm cookie dough from the ziploc bag instead of us scooping out one by one (she came out with the idea only after we’re 90% done)

Only lazy people can do that  -________-


A jar of HOMEMADE chocolate chips walnut cookies (or is it Walnut Chocolate Chips Cookies? whatever.)

Life’s good.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


What do you do when you’re hungry in the middle of the night and fortunately, you have access to a few eggs?

No you don’t fry them, cause it’s too oily it’s bad for health.

No you don’t boil them, cause it’s just too boring and it’s more breakfast-style.

No you don’t eat them raw … cause it’s just not the type of thing we do (maybe we should!)

So the brilliant housemate (who has been immersed in the Japanese culture for quite a while cause she is taking Japanese Language) came up with the amazing idea of cooking a Japanese dish … Chawanmushi.



Having no idea on what ingredient is needed, her another housemate (yours truly) came up with some marvelous idea (eg the norm like mushroom and carrot zzz)… only to find that we’ve none of those left.

Yet, nothing beats 3 determined hungry stomach. One went on the quest to hunt for recipes online, one discards the online recipe cause we’ve no ingredients while the other one set to work with whatever we have in the fridge.

She came out with this wonderful idea of adding Boccocini Cheese into the beaten eggs and the other two nodded in agreement.

So the Chawanmushi is set to be cooked. It looks pretty normal and harmless … Boccocini cheese swimming around the beautifully beaten eggs … we believe it’ll turn out so well we can be dubbed the second Einstein *proud*

and the result






Yes. This is what we see when we removed the rice cooker’s cover.

One ugly piece of er … EGG.

OUR Chawanmushi. Yeah, scroll up to the beginning of the post and do the comparison … yeah, just do it …



This is what we see when we flip it over on the plate.

We gave it a new name: Chawanpudding. Oh yeah, we’re so Einstein *tak tau malu* wtf


At least the Boccocini Cheese is doing it’s job



Taste wise: Not bad … edible … it tasted exactly like … mild cheese and egg.

Yeah, our Chawanpudding TM






We’re so full right now.

Friday, March 6, 2009

well..not that i wanna shock you guys...


ok..nothing much to see actually..just me..Sue Sue..

so Dudes, quick put up more blogs, i wanna know what kinda things you guys have been doing in Australia..

miss ya..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Yea.. I know I am sexy.

Nice to see you again. Bought a lot of rubbish for you.



Uncle is saying hi to you.

Hello~ How do you do?
Do you miss me?
Keep in touch yoo~

Monday, March 2, 2009


Look I fed Kangaroooooosssss
They're so cute~~~~